Friday, 8 July 2016

Story Time: Neighbours from hell

So this is my first ever story time. I don't usually share too much of my private life but this I just felt like I had to share. So I still live with my parents due to going to university and it saves me money from renting a place of my own but this house has been the death of us. We have lived here for about 7-8 years now and we have gone through a lot of neighbours. The first neighbours we had were okay and we got along with them but after hey moved out things just went down hill. To begin with we had a huge family live next door with wild kids. By wild I mean they were actually wild, they used to throw crap from their garden to ours or to our other neighbours house and we just used to argue a lot but the worst is yet to come.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

So here's the story....

Recently I have been away from blogging..... It has been a while, I must admit but there have been things going on in my life that I have had to deal with first. I feel like I should share this in the hopes that it will end up helping someone else.

To begin the story it all started just before Christmas when I was getting ready to hand in my university course work and whilst doing the work I realised, I am not enjoying what I am doing. The course that I was taking was Health Care and Social Studies which I have been doing for many years now. I have been learning about this subject ever since year 9 (grade 8 US) all the way till now and now I have realised that it is nothing that I want to do.

So the realisation hit me that I am not enjoying this and that I have to do something about it and I made the wrong choice, instead of talking to someone about it I hid it away and didn’t go to the course. Due to this I am now looking into doing something I will enjoy. I have been applying for loads of jobs that I think I will enjoy as well as looking into other courses which I would enjoy more than what I am doing now. The course is nothing like I imagined it to be and I really dislike it. I actually got to the point where just before getting to the lessons I would have a panic attack because I knew that the course was killing me. So a change is due.

Another thing that has been in my life is my job. The job I am at now I don’t feel like it’s making happy. I have been in the bar business for over 3 years now and I am getting to realise that I don’t feel like it’s the job for me. I still enjoy it to a point until people kick off, and recently it has been a lot. The bar business is a lot harder than it looks and a lot of people don’t appreciate it. Maybe it’s just me or maybe the job isn't for me but for now I have to enjoy the things I have with the hope of change.

To sum it up it has been hard recently and taking time off has been good for me. I think that if you are going through a rough time a little time off will make it better because you can then have some time to relax and think through exactly what you want to do which is exactly what I did and now I am just waiting to see the outcome which will hopefully turn my life for the better. I surrounded myself with my family, my bunny and my partner allowing me to let my hair down and relax but also receive some advice from the people I love and I think that is the best kind of medicine for the soul and mind.

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

A little throw back

Whilst working at the pub I get a lot of people question me of where I originate from, they all say that its my accent and no one has ever guessed correctly of where I am from. I get to meet a lot of different people and I love how people are interested in my background.

So I was going through all of the pictures which I have bought back from Lithuania back from when I used to live there. My baby pictures as well as just family pictures in general. 

This picture is back from when I was little and I mean very little walking around with my grandmother. I do miss seeing my family everyday knowing the fact that they live back in Lithuania whilst I live here in the UK. My nan and grandad were my world back when I used to live in Lithuania, I used to spend a lot of time with my grandparents and I just think pictures like this make me feel warm and happy with memories that have been capture in a picture form. 

When I was little I used to love all my toys - mostly stuffed toys. The funny thing is my nan still has most of the toys in the picture still either in her flat or put away in storage. 

This picture just proves that I have been a music lover since I was little. My mom always told me that ever since I was little I used to listen to music all the time and dance around. I am still the same as I was back then, I still listen to music all the time and I still dance like a crazy lunatic because this is the way I have always known to live and enjoy myself. 

Holidays back in Lithuania were amazing. Every year we used to go by the lake and rent out a little hut there where we would spend a week or so just enjoying our time away from home. 

Birthdays were always a time to celebrate as a family so we would always get together for everyones birthdays and just celebrate. We would always take any excuse to celebrate and birthdays were the thing. 

Thank you guys for joining me. Hope you have enjoyed this and getting to know of my background. I shall see you guys later! Enjoy xx

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Make-up Of The Month

So recently I took a break from the internet and blogging due to having a lot of university work to do and I work too, so I took this time off to get things together and ensure that what I am doing is exactly what I want to do. Having a new manager at work and needing to complete my university work put a lot of stress on me so that is why I had time off.

But now I am back so lets get straight back to it. So after a while thinking I have decided to update you guys with the make-up that I've been loving recently.