Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Many people think that gaming is "a guy thing", well to those people I say think again. I am the type of girl who enjoys playing online games... and no, not things like Sims and all the other girly games (even though Sims is pretty awesome...) but I mean games such as COD, Assassins Creed etc. I am completely obsessed with Assassins Creed. I have got every single one of the games from the beginning (apart from the brand new one because Ubisoft wanting to be really horrible and just release it for the new consoles.... MEAN!). I am on the process of trying to complete every single Assassins Creed possible but with the amount of time and with the tough situation with my console its kind of hard to. On the brighter side I am going to try and get my partner to get it (or at least go halfsies because he likes the online) due to the pure fact that I want to play the story mode. 

So yes I am a girl who enjoys gaming. Some people may find it sad and some people may find I fun but it doesn't mean that its only for the male generation.