Sunday, 4 January 2015

Best of 2014!

So 2014 has ended and I must admit it was a good year. I had so many good times as well as the bad. The people in my life made that year amazing. My family and my partner mostly. Then I have met some crazy people who have helped me along the road of 2014. So I was thinking of sharing some of my favourite moments of 2014! 


These are some of the memories of me and the most loved person in my life. Without him the year would of been plain and boring. He's the one who knew how to cheer me up and make me smile when I didn't even want to. He is my rock. The first image was taken at his moms birthday party where we got to use the DJ booth and just have a hell of a time. The second image was taken back in April a couple days after my birthday. Then we went to he pub to meet a couple of our friends to celebrate my birthday. The third picture was back when both me and him were in Sixth Form. This was the end of Sixth Form (he doesn't really wear glasses). The last picture was from the summer where both me and him were just enjoying the sunshine because British weather isn't the best. We were both with his dog Larry who decided to give me kisses.


These are my favourite pictures of my bunny. She is the cutest thing in the world. She was adopted and has cataract but it doesn't even bother her, She is able to get around even though her vision isn't the best. These two pictures are my favourite due to the fact that the first one was taken when she fell asleep in my arms when we were both ill. I had several scares of loosing her due to different illnesses but she is tough and fought all of them and she is still living happily with us (even though she does my head in when she bites the bedding and everything else she can find).
The second picture was taken early in 2014. This was when she was left alone for a couple minutes downstairs in the living room. I remember I was helping my mom and then went back to my room and a couple minutes later I heard her shout my name. When I came downstairs the sight stunned me. She managed to steal my sisters sock and take it into her cage. She is so evil yet we all still love her to pieces.


These picture also manage to bring a smile to my face. These pictures include my friend Kyle. I met this awesome dude a couple years ago back when I met my boyfriend. They both studied the same course and ever since he has became a good friend of mine. The first picture was taken at the pub I work at on a night out (I know I'm sad i go to my work place to drink but it was fun). It was an amazing night out. The second picture was on a night out to the club. We decided to go on a proper night out before he went to university. The night was amazing, it included dancing, drinking, crying of laughter, Kyle crying about leaving etc. But it was amazing and I am glad I have him as a friend.

So another amazing thing that has happened to me in 2014 is I went to a couple concerts which I will never forget. One of them being Twin Atlantic. Both me and Reuben (my partner) are really into them so we took the opportunity to see them in Birmingham and I must say........ IT WAS AMAZING! We spent the weekend in Birmingham so we were able to go around and do things but the gig itself was amazing, even though I didn't think anyone would be able to mosh to this kind of music but to my surprise there was a mosh pit. Weird. 

Another amazing gig I was able to go to is to see another amazing bank called Skillet! And holy poop this band were amazing. The drummer/singer Jen is freaking awesome! I was so excited to see her. I must say she is my female crush. I am so inspired by her and to be fair I wish I was able to play the drums. She makes me feel jealous. So this is another picture which manages to make me smile.

These pictures are also ones that bring smile to my face. his is because it not only includes the people I love but also he both of them have so many good memories. The first image was taken at Reuben's 18th. But as well as celebrating his 18th we also celebrate valentines day. This was the day I went for a meal with him and his family to celebrate his birthday. We had a great time together. 
The second image is of me and one of my friends. This was back when we went to our friends gig. We spent the whole gig singing and dancing. It was a crazy night.