Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The start of 2015!

So like any other person I have been looking forward to 2015. New year means meeting new people, doing new things and best of all new experiences!
The beginning to this new year has been pretty plain and boring but the last couple of days have been full of excitement. So for one I have finally started my new job. New job means meeting new people and since I work as a bar staff that means meeting A LOT of new people. I am more than excited to start the new.
Second most exciting thing that has happened to me recently is receiving my provisional licence! I can finally start learning to drive and be able to travel more instead of being stuck in the same place all the time!
As well as that I am applying for University, This has been a very long process but I am excited to see what result I will receive. 
Something that has excited me extremely and some people may find this weird but i has finally snowed!