Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Living life to the fullest

So being my age is amazing but I personally think whist being young you need to live life to the fullest and that is exactly what I have been doing recently. Everything comes at a cost though so part time jobs are the best for things like this. I work behind the bar as a bartender which helps me pay for everything I want to do. Recently I've been busy going out to gigs, pubs to see my friends and just on nights out. Recently I have gone to several gigs from seeing All Time Low to upcoming gigs such as Pierce The Veil.
The next few upcoming months will be busy. More gigs and more things to do to experience. Simple things in life are the best so it's best to live it up whist you still can. Part time jobs allow you to meet new people as well as earning money to go out with. It's better than relying on others which then allows you to set limits in how much you can go out.
One of the most favorite bands that I've seen recently was my friends upcoming band Singing Towards Disaster. They're an amazing band and their performances are amazing! On the 20th March I'll be seeing them perform again and I must say I can't wait.

Every day is a new adventure and you might as well live it to the fullest!

This was one of the biggest gigs I have recently been to and it was the All Time Low with You Me At Six. This was the best experience of my life and i enjoyed every single second of watching one of my favourite bands. It was money well spent and many great memories created