Wednesday, 15 April 2015

March Favourites

So I decided to start doing my monthly favorites and show you the things I get which I personally enjoy using or having that month. 

The first item that I have really been enjoying this month is a candle that I got from Primark. This candle has the smell of "Amazon Lilly" which I have been loving recently. This candle has lasted me a while knowing the fact that I did use it every night. For it being so cheap at only £2 I personally think it is a great thing to buy. Mostly for someone who enjoys candles.

Another item that I have been really enjoying this month is the new case that I have bought. This is a lego case which I ordered online through eBay and paid around £3. It is a silicon case which the lego parts come off and then you can place them how ever you want. You can use the pink lego part to stand the phone up against a hard surface if watching a video of it. The only problem that I have found with this case that due to the fact that its big and made of silicon it is hard to fit it in my pockets so I just leave it in my bag.

This I think was one of the best things I bought so far. This was a birthday present for my sister who is a big fan of doctor who but it came in a set of 5 but because there was so many she decided to give me one. I love carrying my drink in this and it is surprisingly comfortable. The whole set came up to £40 due to the fact that is official merchandise and limited addition items. 

This is my most favorite thing ever. My digital SLR. This is a Nikon D3000 which is an amazing little gadget that I got several years back and I have been enjoying it ever since. I am not too sure how much it cost. The neck strap is something that I ordered online of eBay and it was around £6. Can't find it so I won't be able to link it.

Recently I went shopping and decided to get myself some new nail polishes but me being me I HATE waiting for them to dry. So I noticed that these are meant to dry in "60 seconds". So I thought I'll try them out. Best purchase I made. They do dry up quite quickly but the only problem is that they chip quite quickly. But me being me I'd rather do my nails every two days than wait for ages for them to dry. These were £3 each from superdrug.

These are my absolute favorite lipsticks ever. These are the Rimmel stain lipsticks both of these were bought December time last year and they have still lasted me. I enjoy them because I don't have to constantly fix it up if I'm going out to on a night out or if in going to a gig. These were around £6 each from Boots.

I am the type of person who can't leave the house without having my eyebrows done. Because my natural hair colour is blonde my eyebrows are naturally really light So I use the middle shade to fill in my eyebrows. That way I think they look a lot better. Yet again I cannot recall how much I paid for this but it was quite a cheap item

Comic relief was recently on in the UK and as always there are items that are sold which a part of the money goes to the charity. This year I spotted this amazing Kate lipstick in the colour "01 Red Nose" and I fell in love with it. The whole fact that it had something to do with a charity made me want to buy it even more. I bought this at £6.49 I think it was, from superdrug.

I hope you have enjoyed my little haul about the things I have been enjoying last month. No not all of them were bought last month but they were used a lot. Hope you have a wonderful time!