Saturday, 18 April 2015

Story Behind Tita (bunny)

Tita is my most beloved pet in the world and she has been a big part of my life ever since we got her.

She has a long story behind her and how she got to me. The things that she has been put through since her birth makes her even more special to me because she has showed me that no matter what you have to be strong through the bad parts of life to be able to enjoy the good bits in between.

She has been moved from home to home without anyone wanting to keep her. She went from family to family who kept her for moments before trying to find someone else to have her, and this is how her story started. Her story starts when she was bought as a little present for their child by a family who I personally do not know. They had her for around 7-8 months when they realised the responsibility that a rabbit brings. Due to this they decided to "get rid" of her and pass her on to another family. This is a family that I know and they also thought they will be able to handle a rabbit.  She was given to them back in February 2011 but she also didn't want her after keeping her.  She knew that I wanted a pet and that my birthday was approaching soon so she decided to give her to me. 
9th March 2011. This was the day that I went to pick her up and bring her to her forever home. The day that I fell in love with her. She was so afraid of everyone and everything. It took us several hours to get her out of the cage so that we would be able to get her to my house. She was afraid knowing that she has been going from house to house without a stable home, but I was going to ensure that her life changes. 
The first couple weeks she was shy and afraid to leave her cage. She wouldn't let anyone touch her or go anywhere near her but with patients and love I won her over. Slowly I managed to gain her trust and touch her which then gave me the chance to take her out the cage so she can explore the house. She became a lot more lively and I had never seen her so happy in her previous home. 
 Ever since she has moved into out lives she has been over protective over us, all of my family. The people she can actually associate as family. She has been a part of out family since the very first moment and she will always be. This is her little story of how she found us and how we found her, best decision in our lives.
Her life has been hard. Not only did she have to put up with the fact of moving around she has also lost a lot of her sight due to cataract. The vets reassured us that we had nothing to do with it and that she was born with it but it took time to kick in. But even though she's blind she is still a happy little bunny and I will ensure she is until the day that she goes to bunny heaven.