Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Productive Days

So today I have had one of the most productive days in a while. Recently I started going to the gym because I realised how much my health has deteriorated ever since I stopped exercising couple years back, but now I have decided to change that. I have started going to the gym couple days a week to stabilise my health which has been really hard work but time flies by when working out. Both me and my boyfriend go together and he is the one who pushes me to work harder. He is a lot healthier than I am and just seeing him be able to do things that I can't makes me want to push myself even more. 

As well as exercising in the gym we have also decided to go out for a walk down the canal where we could take my little bunny out for a walk. I must say I haven't taken her out on a walk in a while outside our house garden and I seriously forgot how much fun it is. We were able to relax whist she was running circles going mental because we refused to pick her up. She wanted to be lazy and sit with us but then she realised how much fun running in circles was.

(She did manage to get on top of my boyfriend to sit on him in the end which I though was adorable and I just had to have a picture of it.)

These kinds of little things makes me realise how much I have been missing out and showed me that its not all about working. Yeah working is important but keeping track and relaxing once in a while  is healthy for the soul and mind.