Monday, 22 June 2015


So recently I have decided that it is finally time to go back to Lithuania to see my family who I haven't seen for almost 2 year. Getting ready to go I personally find draining. But it had to be done. Mostly with the fact that the tickets for the flight were booked about 4 days before the flight.

Seeing my family is amazing but being here makes me miss everything and everyone back in the UK.

This was the plane that was going to take me and my sister to Lithuania. I was so nervous because I haven't been on a plane for a while. 

This was the first thing I sore after a snooze when I was waken up by the sound of having to put my safety belt back on. It looked so much more beautiful in person than it is in the image.

This was the view as we were landing. It looked absolutely amazing.

Obviously we had to take a selfie as we were waiting on the plane. 

This was before the flight but I couldn't stop looking back at it thinking about what I am leaving behind in the UK. Everything there is important to me. It is my new home where I have my family and my loved ones. Yet Lithuania is where I was born and where the rest of my family lives so there is always a reason to come back.