Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to be happier

I thought that a good thing that would be great to talk about is how to be happier as a person. I will share my secrets of keeping myself happy and hopefully this will help you to be happier too! Here are some of the ways I achieve happiness in my life.

Catch up with friends
On of the best ways that I keep myself happy is to go out and catch up with friends. Having a busy lifestyle makes it hard to communicate with new people and making new friends but I try my hardest to communicate with the people I already know as well as my family. To ensure that you stay happy communicate with people who make you happy!

Take time for yourself
I find that taking time to myself at times is the best remedy ever. Having something such a pamper evening or just relaxing in bed watching a movie or reading a book for a couple hours allows me to relax and release any negativity. I personally find paper nights the most helpful. I just take a couple hours to myself and just have a facemark, a candle lit bath and maybe some relaxing music in the background. 

Drop the smartphone and get outside
This I find very important. I love the social media but at times I have to cut myself of it to feel relaxed. At times I do this by going somewhere nice with my family and just leaving my phone in my bag. Most of the time the places me and my family go to are places where there is no reception in general. Recently we went to Wales to climb mountains and there was just no service, but that allows me to enjoy myself and even at times think things through which have been bothering me. 

Listen to your gut
Listening to your gut has to be one of the most important things that anyone should do. Don't try to keep everyone happy but look at your own needs and look at what makes you happier! I learned that trying to keep everyone around me happy is practically impossible or if it was possible to succeed I'd end up being miserable because I would be doing everything that everyone else wants and not what I want. So listen to your gut and follow it because that is one way of keeping yourself happy.

Take control and change something
At times there will be things that you're not happy in, this may be work, school, relationships or something else. If that's the case then look for a way to change that. Only you can control your own life and do not allow anyone else to control it for you! At times it may be harder to do it but it is worth it. It may be terrifying but it will be so much more satisfying afterwards. 

Lighten your load
At times it may feel like everything has to be done you alone. Trust me I've been there, but sharing tasks with other people may just surprise you how much easier and at times things may be. Doing things on your own will make you may more miserable than expected but I noticed myself that asking for help when doing something isn't such a bad thing after all.