Friday, 24 July 2015

Music of the month!

So it's that time again! If you don't know (even though it says it in the title) this is the list of my FAVOURITE songs this months! It includes singles, music videos and albums which are at the top of my list this month and I'm hopping that you enjoy them too. Maybe you'll even find a new song that you like? But anyway let's get to the songs!

So this months number one for me is Pvris- Holy! Holy crap this song is amazing (see what I did there). I have been enjoying this song so much! As well as that they released a video for it which is amazingly done! It's something new and different but the song is amazing!

Another song that I have been enjoying is yet again Pvris - My House. This is also an amazing song! This was one of the songs I listened to before but didn't think it was amazing until recently when it started playing on Spotify and then I got addicted! This is usually that is blasted through my headphones when I'm cooking or cleaning and it just puts me in an amazing mood!

The last song that I have been really enjoying this month is the new Pierce The Veil - The Divine Zero. This is my favourite band of all times and they haven't released anything new until recently, so this song has been one of my mains on the playlist!

So my favourite artist of the month is Falling In Reverse. I have been loving them forever! Their albums are amazing and their music has changed a lot over the years but I've been enjoying it. The new songs are more rap rock whilst before it was just rock.

So this has been the music of my month! Hope you have enjoyed it!