Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Zoella's beauty products

So as Zoe releases her new beauty merchandise I had to buy at least some of the items at least to try them out. I was very excited to get my hands on these products not only because Zoe has been a big inspiration to me but also with the fact that I love trying out new things.

So these are the items that I got so far:
Zoella Fresh Fizz
Zoella Foam Sweet Foam
Zoella Let's Spritz
Zoella Kissy Missy 

So the first item that caught my eye was the Zoella Fresh Fizz. I am the type of person who prefers showers over baths but as soon as I find something to make a bath more appealing I have to try it. I only enjoy to have a bath after a long and hard day, when I feel that I deserve some time to relax. When I picked this up it smelled absolutely amazing. I haven't tried it just yet but I am really looking forward to trying it. 

The second thing that I picked up was the Zoella Foam Sweet Foam. I must say this smells absolutely amazing! I have already tried this and absolutely love it! This right now has to be my favourite body wash. After one use my skin felt softer and I can't stop smelling it because it is that good. The scent of this has to be my favourite.

This is the third thing that I noticed and OMG the bottle! The bottle has to be the cutest thing I have seen!!! And the scent is also amazing. I have used it once so far and I now keep it in my handbag just in case I ever feel the need to freshen up. It's a sweet yet not too strong which is usually what I like. For the price it is really nice and affordable. 

This has to be one of the most favourite things that I bought from the range. It is a pink lip balm but the best part is the fact tat you can build up the brightness of the lip balm. This is great because I love lip balms due to my lips being dry a lot of the time but because it's has some colour to it I feel like I am able to wear it when I go out because I can colour my lips and keep them moisturised. This is a bonus for me!

I do advice to try these out. So far I have been enjoying them myself and I hope you will too!

♥ Hope you have a lovely day!