Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Facts about me

Hey guys! So due to the post about the things that I can't do being so popular amongst everyone I have decided to do a post about different facts about me. Here you will find 30 different facts about me and my life. Hope you enjoy it!

1. My names is Aiste Budginaite. This is a very difficult name to pronounce and a lot of people struggled to say it, mostly my last name. Some of my friends nicknamed me ice tea and budgie. Yes those were legit nicknames.

2. I was born in Lithuania. I spent my childhood there then moved into the UK at some time in 2005. Ever since I have lived here but I still do go back on holidays to see my family who still live there.

3. I've went to sixth form for 2 years and completed AS Photography and triple Health and Social Care.

4. As well as going to sixth form I have also gone to college for a year to do AS Business.

5. I am 5 feet 3 inches in hight.

6. My favourite flowers are roses and daffodils.

7. If I find I song that I really like I will play it constantly on repeat. This will carry on until I get bored of it or until I find another song that I'm obsessed with.

8. As I was growing up I had very long hair, and I mean really long hair but then I kept on having it shortened and now my hairs length is just below my shoulders.

9. My favourite time on the year is Autumn and Winter. I absolutely love it due to it being a cosy time of the year. I enjoy having lit candles, cosy sweaters and pj's. As well as that I love Christmas. The decorations and family time is the best time of the year.

10. My favourite place to visit is Wales. Me and my family travel there a lot for just for a day out and I think it is one of the most beautiful places around where I live.

11. My favourite song has to be "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" by Fall Out Boy. This has been my favourite since forever!

12. I am the type of person who bruises like a peach. If anyone was to poke my arm or leg then I would literally come out with a massive bruise.

13. I have a pet bunny names Tita. She has cataract meaning she is blind but she is still a happy little devil. I spend a lot of my time with her playing and keeping her entertained. She spends most of her time on my bed either sleeping or cuddling up to me. I also at times hand feed her because she prefers eating veggies out of my arms.

14. I have never tried drugs and I am also never going to.

15. I used to be a real addict of gaming. I used to spend all my spare time playing games such as Sims, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed etc. I used to be really good at them but now I'm really bad at them.

16. My first ever job was working at a pub. I started working there as soon as I turned 18 and used to work both day shifts and night shifts and I must say it was pretty fun. The job sucked but working and meeting new people made it worth it.

17. Flying to new places and travelling is my favourite thing to do. I mean I love flying out to Lithuania when going to visit and the flight itself always excites me more wherever I go. I think that when flying it allows me to reflect on things as well as just having a moment to myself where I can think about my life and how good and how lucky I have been

18. I am really empathetic and I mean really empathetic. If someone is crying I will end up crying along with them even if there is nothing wrong with me.

19. I am petrified of rides. Roller-coasters are my worst nightmares. I cannot deal with it and I will refuse to go on them. I have been on a scary rides once and once only and never again will I go on it. My friends pushed me to do it because we was meant to do it as a group and I almost died because I was that scared.

20. I love farm animals. As a child I grew up on a farm and I love the farm animals. I enjoy going on holiday to Lithuania because I get the chance to go out into that kind of environment and remember my childhood. As well as that I enjoy horse riding and horses are one of my favourite farm animals.

21. So this may be a little boring but my favourite colour has to be purple. I love anything purple! Including lipstick.

22. Another favourite is my favourite shops and it has to be Blue Banana and Primark. I am obsessed with those shops.

23. I have a love hate relationship with horror movies and games. I love watching/playing them but I am absolutely petrified of it! I usually hide whilst watching a movie or when playing a horror game I will have to have a pillow by me and then hide if I get scared.

24. Food is my best friend, I am serious but my favourite food has to be salad, I could live on salad forever. No matter where we go I will order salad based meals such as steak salad, chicken salad or whatever, but it has to be salad!

25. I'm in love with YouTube. Whenever I have spare time I will always go and watch some YouTube videos. My favourite YouTubers have to be ThatcherJoe, Simplynessa15 and The Gabbie Show. They are my top 3 YouTubers at the moment.

26. I am shopaholic, I admit that. Even though most of the time I don't buy things for myself I still enjoy going shopping. Even if I don't have money to spend I will still go and look so I can see the new items which I may want to get soon.

27. I have one sibling.... She is the devil but she's my sister.

28. As any person I have a favourite animal (pet), unless if you're weird, but then again I'm weird but I love my animals. So to get to the point my 3 favourite pets are rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs. I do have a pet bunny at the moment but I also had several dogs before including a Pitbull which has to be my favourite type of dog as well as a Husky.

29. I am obsessed with piercings and tattoos but I only have several piercings at the moment. I have a nose piercing and three piercings on my left ear and then just the one piercing in my right ear. On the other hand I don't have any tattoos even though I love them. I would love to get some but I haven't even decided what I want and where I want it.

30. I'm the type of person who finds innuendos in everything. No matter how innocent it is I will always find something that sounds wrong. "That's what she said" jokes are the best.

Hope you have enjoyed today's blog post. For any suggestion or questions you can contact me via the media sites provided bellow. See you in the next post!

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