Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My life is complete

So I am the type of person who enjoys reading but I never seem to find the time for it. Recently I received a very lovely present of my partner which was a Kobo mini. Oh my it is amazing. Usually I love having hard copies of books but I hate carrying them around. Being a girl I carry a lot of crap in my bag but carrying a massive book around would just kill me. So he had the mini for ages but bought himself a newer one and then ended up giving me the mini. I am in love with this little gadget. This is the best thing to have at this right moment and the battery lasts so long on it!

So this is how the Kobo looks from the front. As I said I do enjoy hard copies of book but this is the best next thing for me. I do travel a lot and I usually travel by bus or train so this is amazing to have on journeys. As well as that it would be the thing I would take on a flight because it weighs practically nothing and it literally would fit in my back pocket. I am obsessed with it! 

This is the back of it. When I got it, it was grey but it turns out you can buy separate backings, they haven't got many colours but it's better than nothing. So I decided to buy this hot pink back from WHSmiths which cost me £2.99. I like colourful things so I decorated it. 

This is an amazing little gadget and for people who enjoy reading books I would definitely recommend this, mostly if you travel a lot. It is amazing!

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