Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Things I can't do

I as a blogger share a lot of my life online but the one thing people like yourself do not get to see is the little things in my life, such as the things I absolutely suck at. No one is ever perfect and I am definitely no where close to that but I though that I would list the 5 things that I'm really bad at.

Jumping or diving into water
So the first thing that I can't do or deal with is water. Not as in drinking water I mean as in going swimming. I am petrified that I will drown. I don't mind going to swimming pools for just a normal swim but there is no way on earth you will find me in the deep end or anywhere near it! I refuse to jump into water and back when I went to hight school I would refuse and argue with my swimming teacher when she asked me to jump in the water. I have always been afraid and I don't think I will ever get over it.

The second thing that I am bad at is remembering important things. For example lets say I make plans with someone and I don't note them down, then I will definitely forget it. I even have to resort to having countdowns on my phone to remember important dates in case I forget. Recently when I went to a gig a pre-ordered the bands album and completely forgot about it until it turned up at my house, baring in mind that it only turned up about a month after the gig. As well as that I used to forget what assignment was due when in college just because I was so bad at remembering things. I would never remember what unit which tutor was teaching so I would have to resort to asking my friends each lesson what unit we were learning about.

Eating spicy foods
The third thing that I seriously can't do is eating spicy foods. Spicy food is my worst enemy. I cannot eat any kinds of spices because it seriously affects me. I even had a moment where I went out for a meal and didn't realise that I've ordered spicy food so I couldn't eat the food due to how spicy it was whilst the person who I was with tried it and said they didn't find it spicy at all. 

Horror movies
Me and horror movies have a love hate relationship. I do love watching horror movies but I am petrified of them. If I go to the cinema to watch a movie I will literally hold on to my coat through the whole of the movie and if I watch it at home I will have a pillow on my face peeking out to see what's happening. I flinch and jump at the smallest things. But I still love them. Recently I have been keeping away from horror movies and onto the Disney movies. Just because I am too scared to watch them.

Can't just let it go
The last thing that I'm really bad at doing is letting go of things. Whether it is an argument or something that has happened in the past I will never let go of it. I'm the type of person who remembers the bad things that people do to me. Yes I do forgive people but I never forget. Thankfully it doesn't effect me when it comes to communicating with people and having friends. It did in the past but not any more. Thinking about it this has to be one of the worst features that I live with.

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