Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What makes my life better

So I have had one of those days where things have got a little bit out of control and I felt down so I have decided to write about the things that make me feel better in the hopes that you guys will be able to turn to this and be able to use the things that I use to make myself feel a lot better.

The biggest thing that ever has changed my mood no matter how annoyed, angry or upset is my bunny pet. I will cuddle up to her and maybe watch a movie or sleep with her. She is the best cuddle buddy ever and she just cuddles up to me or gives me kisses to cheer me up. We will play and I think that pets are the best thing that can be in someones life.

My family is the best thing in my life. When I spend time with them it is great. We always have fun but when we go out it is best days ever. My parents know how to cheer me up and I always know I can turn to them, yes every family has their ups and downs but no matter what they know how to cheer me up when I'm in a mood. We travel to Wales a lot and even though I get travel sick which is horrible I still always look forward to those days.

I think that friends are a very big and important part of anyones lives and my friends are great, I don't have many of them but I always say that it's always better to have less friends but who are great friends than having a lot of friends who aren't good friends. I spend time with them to go to places such as cinema or nights out and I think those kinds of things make me feel a lot better.

I think everyone knows what Netflix is and it is the best thing in the world. When I have a day to myself or any free time I will just watch movies on here. Mostly Disney movies, they are my favourite. Disney movie remind me of my awesome childhood. The best times for me is when it is raining outside with a few candles lit, in bed cuddled up with the bunny and just watching a nice movie.

Lazy days in
So this also links in with Netflix and family and friends. I enjoy having a lazy days in because I am just able to relax and have some time to either myself of with important people in my life. At times it is great just to take the day off and just relax which makes me feel so much better.

Pamper evenings
Every girl knows that pamper evenings are amazing and once a month I will have a pamper evening to just relax and cool down and to release all the stress that has built over the month. Just having a nice relaxing bath,  a face mask and maybe a hot chocolate and I personally think that those are the best times ever just because I finally get time to relax.