Thursday, 24 September 2015


So recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about YouTube. Thinking of how much the YouTubers that I watch make me happy and how they all lighten up my mood and how fun it must be to film videos and upload them knowing that people are enjoying watching them. 

So after several months of thinking about this I have decided that I will be starting my own Youtube channel! If everyone else is capable why wouldn't I be? 

By receiving help of my partner who already owns a YouTube channel, he is helping me to create mine. I will be laughing my first YouTube video on Sunday 4th October! So be prepared! 

I just need to get my head around the editing software and I will be good to go! I will leave a link below to both my channel and my partners channel for you guys to check it out. Hope you enjoy the videos the are going to be hitting YouTube soon.

Hope you have enjoyed todays blog post and I shall see you next time! 
Bye guys! xx

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