Friday, 23 October 2015

Autumn essentials

It's Autumn time and I thought that this is the perfect time to talk about all my Autumn favourites! Autumn is my favourite time ever because I find it so cosy and just lovely! Hot chocolates and just a lot of hot drinks make me feel so nice and warm outside. Dark coloured clothing and lipstick is the best thing in the world, I don't know I just love it! So I shall let you guys know what my Autumn essentials are!

So first things first this is I always have to have is some kind of perfume or spray within my handbag but I find them too big or I end up loosing them or just leaving them at home. So I decided to buy the new Zoella Solid Fragrance. I wasn't able to smell it in the shop so I just bought it and it smells amazing! I love it and it takes barely any space up in my bag and I never forget it just because I always keep it in the bag. I do advice getting it.

Another thing that I always enjoy having is fake nails. My nails are rubbish and I mean rubbish because I will never be able to grow nails without them breaking or chipping and it just gets me angry.... So I do the alternative and buy fake nails. Recently I bough The Elegant Touch nails because they are my favourite kinds of nails. I have bought a lot of new fake nails. I got Halloween nails which I will be wearing to a party that I will be attending to alongside some Christmas nails and just regular nails for the times in between.

So a lot of girls have obsessions with buying clothes or shoes and then theres me, I am obsessed with lipsticks. Mostly Autumn coloured lipsticks. Dark berry red lipsticks are my favourite at the moment and I have bought many lipsticks recently and these are my favourite ones. My favourite out of them all has to be Kat Von D mini lipstick in the shade Wolvesmouth. It is an amazing colour and it also stays well on the lips, it is very long lasting.

Since it is Autumn I like my eye shadow to match the season (I know I'm weird) but the one eye shadow palette that I've been using it the Hollywood Eye Palette and mostly use the 'Bookworm' shade. This is my favourite shade ever and I always use it ever since I bought it. Alongside this I use the 'Perfect Brows' to do my eyebrows and I bought this at the same time as the eye shadow and these have literally been the ones that I have been using since. I do love these for this time of year.

In Autumn my skin always breaks out and I always seems to have break outs but at the moment its been very bad so I will always turn to these to help me control my skin. The first item is a Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips. These help my nose so much! Alongside this I always use the T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel. I will apply this on to the spots which are coming up or have came up and overnight it will either kill it off or is close to removing the horrible things of my face. It is an amazing product that I always repurchase. 

Thank you guys for joining me today and I shall see you in  my next blog post!
Bye xx

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