Sunday, 4 October 2015


It's finally October! This can only mean one thing and that it's Autumn! So to celebrate Autumn here are some of the things that I'm really looking forward to!

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate is the best thing in the world when it comes to Autumn, I either make my own hot chocolate with marshmallows or when I'm out I will just go to places such as Starbucks or Costa. 

Long walks in the park
This is my favourite season to go on long walks in the park where I can just relax and have some time to just think things through. Usually me and my partner will go out together and just relax. 

Autumn leaves 
This just proves to me that Autumn is on its way when you see all these beautify colour leaves on the floor. I think that Autumn leaves are one of the most beautiful things ever.

Pumpkin carving is the most amazing thing ever and the smell of pumpkins is amazing and the whole fact of carving pumpkins is so much fun!

Horror films 
Right so I am petrified of horror movie yet when it comes to Halloween I love watching them, even though i can't sleep afterwards.

Autumn and Christmas candles are the best. All year round I will have candles lit but this time of year is the time where I use up the most candles.

Scarves, hats and boots
I love it when the weather is chilly and then you are able to layer clothes and wear things like hats and clothes and boots too. Those are my favourite things to wear in the autumn season!

Another favourite time within Autumn is the bonfire nights that happen in the UK. Bonfire nights are one of my favourite places to go mostly with the fact that it happens once a year. Usually I go every year and I cannot wait to go again this year!

Cosy socks
So this is a tricky item to contain due to the fact that either my sister, my parents of my boyfriend ends up stealing them! They are the best thing to wear around the house because it keeps me so warm! Mostly with the fact that I enjoy wearing cosy clothes in general.

Overside jumpers
Oversized jumpers have to be the meaning of cosy don't they? I mean you can't get any more cosy than a pair of tights, boots and an oversized jumper. Well at least that what I find to be the most comfy thing

The feeling of christmas coming
Me being me I get excited for Christmas very early usually end of October beginning of November and I get really excited when it comes to the 1st of December because then I know for a fact that I can finally put up all my Christmas decorations! But the coziness and the candles just excite me even more.

A lot more baths
When it comes to Autumn and winter I seem to have a lot more baths instead of just showers. I spend a lot more time choosing what bath bombs I may want to use and the products. I don't know I just seem to enjoy baths a lot more when it comes to this season. 

Rainy days under the duvet 
There is nothing better than being able to stay in the house when its cold and rainy outside with a nice warm duvet and some cosy pj's watching a movie with a candle lit. That is the perfect scenario for me when it comes to autumn. 

Sparklers are one of the cutest things ever whenever I get the chance to buy them and use them I will! Bonfire nights I will have some on me, Christmas I will have someone on me, lets just say I use them a lot.

Conkers are so much fun and I enjoy collecting them. At times I will actually make things out of them! I remember back when I was a lot younger I would put toothpicks through them and make people out of them. So I'd use the conkers as head and then clay model the bodies. So much fun! 

So these are the things that excite me the most about Autumn, hope you have enjoyed this and let me know if you feel the same way about Autumn as I do! 

Thank you guys for joining me today and I will see you in my blog! 
Bye! xx

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