Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Halloween & Magical Bonfire Nights

So recently we had the Halloween celebrations alongside Bonfire Night so after finally finding where I put all the images from those night I am going to share them with you!

To begin with I had a wonderful Halloween celebrations which was just a night out with my partner and my friends. I didn't put too much effort into my costume, just wore a dress from new look and had fake cuts from my lips upwards (a bit like the joker). It was a lovely night out with a lot of lovely people.

Bonfire Night is something that is celebrated in the UK on the 5th November and there are amazing firework displays all around Great Britain. This was also an amazing evening spent with lovely people and I am the type of person who absolutely loves fireworks. They are all just so magical and exciting. This is the time that makes me way too excited about Christmas and New Year. As soon as Halloween is over and so is Bonfire night I straight away want to take my Christmas tree out and just decorate my house. 

Bonfire night is somewhat special to me and its just brings back memories of when I moved into the UK. Alongside this it used to be one of my favourite events back when I was a high school student and every year I will try not to miss such a magical night.

Thank you guys for joining me today and I shall see you in  my next blog post!
Bye xx

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