Friday, 25 December 2015

My travels to London

London baby! Recently I have gone to London to spend some time away from home and have a good time and boy I loved it! The weekend did start in Birmingham to begin with. It all started with going to see the lovely Kodaline at their Birmingham tour. It was amazing seeing them live again. I am the type of person who absolutely loves going to gigs and see the people who create the music I love live.  The Birmingham Bullring has a bull statue and the fact that they dressed it up as a little elf did make me giggle. 

Alongside a gig and a funky looking bull there was also a German Market which me and my partner were able to explore before the gig. They had some pretty cool things alongside a lot of foods and drinks!

We ended up getting to London at almost 2am on that morning after catching the train from Birmingham after seeing Kodaline. But eventually after getting some sleep we managed to spend most of the day in alongside a meal in the evening. It was amazing seeing my partners family and their new baby girl. 

It was great spending time seeing new places and new people the only problem that I had with London is figuring out how to use the tube and at times actually feeling anxious because of the amount of people that were everywhere. 

I have inserted a slideshow bellow with some of the images from London for you to enjoy! 

Hope you guys have enjoyed the blog post today. Sorry I haven't posted in a while this was due to the fact that I was having trouble with transferring my blog onto the new theme.

Thank you guys for joining me today and I shall see you in  my next blog post!
Bye xx

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