Monday, 11 January 2016

Goodbye 2015!

So 2015 has come and gone, just like that it has disappeared forever. But there is no need to be sad about it. Personally each year I feel like it is more special and special and that my life seems to be getting better and more fun, but this is only because I try to live my life to the fullest by trying out new things and enjoying myself. 2015 has been amazing, I have been to a lot of gig, a lot of travelling and a lot of new people have come and gone in my life. I do not regret a thing. As they say, everything happens for a reason and everything that has happened this year has made me who I am today. So today I am going to share all the highlights of 2015. The year that made me who I am today. 

Gigs, gigs and more gigs
One of the best things in the world that ever happened to me is going to see my favourite bands/artists in the world and in 2015 I have managed to see a lot of them. I have managed to see;
Sleeping With Sirens
Pierce The Veil
All Time Low
You Me At Six
Twin Atlantic
Kodaline &
Lonely The Brave 
I must say they have to be the best nights out ever, listening to the music I love, created by the people I love. 

So this is All Time Low performing. Yes the images are not great but they still hold a lot of amazing memories. 

Just a casual Vic Fuentes performing some songs. You know as you do. This is the best gig that I have ever attended to! 

Flying to Lithuania! 
2015 was an eventful year but the most eventful thing was flying back home to Lithuania just me and my sister. It was the craziest and stressful but it was so worth it going to see my family. 

Waiting to board the plane. It was so crazy knowing that in almost 2 hours I'd be back to where I was born and be able to see the people I love. I cannot wait to travel back again to see them. Thinking about it makes me miss them even more. 

I sore the most beautiful sunset in a while just on the drive back from the airport back to my grandmothers house. It was amazing being back and seeing all the beautiful things I are up with.

Seeing people that I haven't seen in years made me realise how important family is so I took every chance to make the most in spending time with them.

My little sweetie pie
There is nothing more that makes me happy than spending time with my little one and she is the cutest thing in the world. I try to spend as much time with her possible due to her age as well as her being blind, but none of that stops her from having fun in the garden or even in the house.

She enjoys going out for little walks with me in the summer, not only in the garden but down on the massive fields by the house. She just loves the outdoors. 

The one thing that she enjoys doing more than anything though is sleeping. She sleeps a lot either cuddling onto me or just next to me. She gives the best cuddles in the world, even though at times she does bite me in her sleep. 

The one thing that I enjoy doing but her not so much is bath time! It is so much fun just watching her being confused by why she is wet and trying to dry herself in the water. Better yet she will purposely shake her paws towards me to get me soaked too, and i absolutely love it.

My weird family 
Being here as just me, mom, dad and my sister is hard because there isn't the family support that most people get. It makes me miss home and the surrounding of a big loving family, but then i remember that I get enough love and support from these weirdos who I still live with.

This is what I mean by weirdos, this is my sister doing a weird dance around the BBQ fire. Yes this is my sibling. Aka the weirdo. This was back in the summer when my parents went away for two weeks and all we did was have BBQ's every evening because basketball was on. 

My mom and dad are my rock. They are always there for me even though we do fight like any other family but they are still there for me no matter what. They always support me when I try something new. They even drop me of to work because that's how sweet they are. 

Me and my sister always take the weirdest selfies when we get along and we have so much fun together even though she is an annoying weirdo but still enough love between us. 

This is what happens when my parents are away on holiday and we have the house to our selves alongside the basketball being on. So free house + basketball = BBQ. These have to be the best times ever. 

Last but not least the amazing times out
Nights out are amazing, and I don't mean getting drunk beyond belief even though I have done that a couple times but with the amount that I go out its nothing. Going out means I get to meet new people and make new connections with people and it has to be the best thing ever. 

This was one amazing night going out with my partner, my friend and his partner alongside his friends. That day I met a lot of new fun people who made the night amazing and I appreciate every wild night out with the people who are as wild as me and want to sing and dance along to every single song possible. 

I don't only go out on crazy nights out I also go out on crazy days out. Well they're not so crazy they're just fun. A nice meal out with a movie after is the one, and having my favourite people around for these kinds of nights is just the perfect combination. We will always go to the pub by our local cinema for some good food before heading out to the movies. 

This is one of those nights where we all go out to our favourite night club 'Planet' and this is mostly when our friends are back from universities around the country. Our weeks off are the weeks where we literally just go out and have a good time. The pictures never come out amazing but who cares behind the blurriness is amazing times that we all had.

The nightclub does have their own photographer so I always do look forward to seeing the pictures taken by them. You can see that I'm having just by how red I am. 

These are some of the most fun people to go out with on a night out. These two always make my nights perfect just with their weirdness and stupidity. They're just like me. Weird and mental. I will never forget the first night with these lot or in fact any of the nights just because they're so special. 

My favourite people in the world! Love them all. 

So this is my year in a small (not so small) blog post. It has been the most eventful year ever and I am looking forward to this year even more. I cannot wait to see what I have got in store. More fun with my family and my loved friends!

Hope you guys have had an amazing year and have an amazing year to come too. Remember you write your life so make sure you live it to the fullest and take up every opportunity possible. 

Thank you once again and I shall see you guys later! Enjoy xx

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