Thursday, 11 February 2016

Make-up Of The Month

So recently I took a break from the internet and blogging due to having a lot of university work to do and I work too, so I took this time off to get things together and ensure that what I am doing is exactly what I want to do. Having a new manager at work and needing to complete my university work put a lot of stress on me so that is why I had time off.

But now I am back so lets get straight back to it. So after a while thinking I have decided to update you guys with the make-up that I've been loving recently.

To start off I have to make a point that I am obsessed with Soap & Glory products. For Christmas I got a huge bag of different products from their range and so far I am in love. My three favourite items at the moment though are:
  • Hand Food (hand cream)
  • The Righteous Butter (tanning tint & body lotion)
  • Heel Genius (foot cream)
Hand Food is great for this time of year. Recently unlike any other year my hands have became really dry and then I received this. It keeps my hands a lot softer than they have been recently. It also smells amazing so it's win win for me. 

The Righteous Butter is a tanning body lotion that I have recently been enjoying because its winter and I look a little pail and this tan makes my skin look so much better. It doesn't make me look stupidly tanned but it gives me a little darker tint to make my skin look just cuter. 

Heel Genius is possibly the best thing that I have used in a while. Due to me working so much my feet ache and dry up but by applying this every so often it has completely got rid of it and now they smooth as a babies bottom. 

So recently I've been looking for a new mascara because the one that I have been using was running out but within my many of make-up bags I came across these that I recently bought but haven't even bothered to use. The Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express is actually the favourite out the both because it makes my eyelashes so big and long. I usually use the Go Extreme just to top up and make them extra long for special days. 

 Now since I have a couple new make up products that I wear on a daily bases it also means that I need some products to remove them and this is where I came across the Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water. This stuff is amazing when it comes to removing make-up. My skin is really prone to breakouts and spots so I have to ensure that all my make-up is removed every night and this helps me to remove everything.

Thank you guys for joining me, I'm sorry for being away for so long but I am back now ;) I shall see you guys later! Enjoy xx

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