Saturday, 12 March 2016

A little throw back

Whilst working at the pub I get a lot of people question me of where I originate from, they all say that its my accent and no one has ever guessed correctly of where I am from. I get to meet a lot of different people and I love how people are interested in my background.

So I was going through all of the pictures which I have bought back from Lithuania back from when I used to live there. My baby pictures as well as just family pictures in general. 

This picture is back from when I was little and I mean very little walking around with my grandmother. I do miss seeing my family everyday knowing the fact that they live back in Lithuania whilst I live here in the UK. My nan and grandad were my world back when I used to live in Lithuania, I used to spend a lot of time with my grandparents and I just think pictures like this make me feel warm and happy with memories that have been capture in a picture form. 

When I was little I used to love all my toys - mostly stuffed toys. The funny thing is my nan still has most of the toys in the picture still either in her flat or put away in storage. 

This picture just proves that I have been a music lover since I was little. My mom always told me that ever since I was little I used to listen to music all the time and dance around. I am still the same as I was back then, I still listen to music all the time and I still dance like a crazy lunatic because this is the way I have always known to live and enjoy myself. 

Holidays back in Lithuania were amazing. Every year we used to go by the lake and rent out a little hut there where we would spend a week or so just enjoying our time away from home. 

Birthdays were always a time to celebrate as a family so we would always get together for everyones birthdays and just celebrate. We would always take any excuse to celebrate and birthdays were the thing. 

Thank you guys for joining me. Hope you have enjoyed this and getting to know of my background. I shall see you guys later! Enjoy xx

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