Sunday, 22 May 2016

So here's the story....

Recently I have been away from blogging..... It has been a while, I must admit but there have been things going on in my life that I have had to deal with first. I feel like I should share this in the hopes that it will end up helping someone else.

To begin the story it all started just before Christmas when I was getting ready to hand in my university course work and whilst doing the work I realised, I am not enjoying what I am doing. The course that I was taking was Health Care and Social Studies which I have been doing for many years now. I have been learning about this subject ever since year 9 (grade 8 US) all the way till now and now I have realised that it is nothing that I want to do.

So the realisation hit me that I am not enjoying this and that I have to do something about it and I made the wrong choice, instead of talking to someone about it I hid it away and didn’t go to the course. Due to this I am now looking into doing something I will enjoy. I have been applying for loads of jobs that I think I will enjoy as well as looking into other courses which I would enjoy more than what I am doing now. The course is nothing like I imagined it to be and I really dislike it. I actually got to the point where just before getting to the lessons I would have a panic attack because I knew that the course was killing me. So a change is due.

Another thing that has been in my life is my job. The job I am at now I don’t feel like it’s making happy. I have been in the bar business for over 3 years now and I am getting to realise that I don’t feel like it’s the job for me. I still enjoy it to a point until people kick off, and recently it has been a lot. The bar business is a lot harder than it looks and a lot of people don’t appreciate it. Maybe it’s just me or maybe the job isn't for me but for now I have to enjoy the things I have with the hope of change.

To sum it up it has been hard recently and taking time off has been good for me. I think that if you are going through a rough time a little time off will make it better because you can then have some time to relax and think through exactly what you want to do which is exactly what I did and now I am just waiting to see the outcome which will hopefully turn my life for the better. I surrounded myself with my family, my bunny and my partner allowing me to let my hair down and relax but also receive some advice from the people I love and I think that is the best kind of medicine for the soul and mind.

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